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We welcome you to the Natural Cafe and Market...

Before you begin, we want you to know we have chosen each dish carefully and go to great lengths to ensure they are made with high quality, fresh ingredients: most of which are organic, all natural, and/or locally produced. We prepare each dish with you in mind. We also offer a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. Eat well, feel well, be well.


A look inside the restaurant and a few pictures of our best dishes!

Welcome to the Natural Cafe & Market

Menus available at the counter!

Inside the restaurant

Natural Cafe & Market interior.

Maple‐Ginger Chicken:

Our marinated chicken breast sautéed in our own
maple‐ginger sauce served on a bed of greens and
brown rice.

Cafe's Favorite Panini

Cafe’s  Favorite Panini:
Pesto, cheese, caramelized onion, tomato, and baby spinach on Tuscan pane bread.

Veggie Pizza

Whole Wheat Tortilla Pizza: V

12 inch Tortilla. Spinach, broccoli, vegan cheese, tomatoes

Miso-Curry Rice:  V                                            

Brown rice top with steamed kale, broccoli, shredded     carrots, beets, tamari-roasted  almonds, and raisins with our own master-miso sauce, a sprinkle of  curry, and  nutritional yeast.


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